Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki)

Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki)
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7/10 R

Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki) Synopsis

British soldiers guarding the Kajaki Dam set out to rescue a three-man team after one of them loses a leg to a landmine.

Rated R for disturbing and graphic depiction of war injuries, and for pervasive language

Fan Reviews

by Reno

> One bad step might cost your leg, maybe life. Once I finished watching, said 'wow'. It can mean in many ways like the movie was stunning, edgy and probably best war flick of the 2014. Yep, there's no doubt in that, at least to me among those I've seen. It was ... Read More

Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki) Cast

Paul Luebke

Jay Davis

Ali Cook

Spud McMellon

David Elliot

Mark Wright

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