Things to Come (L'Avenir)

Things to Come (L'Avenir)

Things to Come (L'Avenir)

7/10 PG-13

Things To Come (L'avenir) Synopsis

Nathalie is a philosophy teacher with a seemingly settled existence, juggling a rich life of the mind with the day-to-day demands of career and family. But beginning with the bombshell revelation that her husband of twenty-five years is leaving her, one by one the pillars of Nathalie's life start to crumble. For the first time in ages, she finds herself adrift, but also with a newfound sense of liberation. With nothing to hold her back, Nathalie sets out to define this new phase of her life and to rediscover herself. Winner of the Best Director award at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, the new film from Mia Hansen-Lve is an uncommonly intelligent, soul-searching look at what it means to create a life of one's own.

Rated PG-13 for brief language and drug use

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Movie Times Critic Reviews

January 06, 2017 by

An acute portrait of a woman of a certain age, Things To Come towers over Isabelle Huppert's much-vaunted performance in Elle. Huppert plays Nathalie, an aging philosophy teacher who needs all the consolation her discipline can provide. Her neurotic mother (Edith Scob, of the horror classic Yeux Sans Visage) is prone to suicide threats and anxiety attacks. Nathalie's husband, Hei... Read More

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